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Have been playing around with Storify (which doesn’t display properly in WordPress) with a crowdsourced movie plot.

You can see it on Storify. It’s not quite finished yet.

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The long game on Twitter

I like playing what I’m calling ‘the long game’ on Twitter. It’s a narrative that, due to the nature of Twitter, has an arc that is only obvious to me. I’d like to think others notice it as well but that would require some serious time and effort. Essentially, the long game is a series of tweets that tell a story.

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So this happened.

I’m not proud of it.





Okay, I’m a little bit proud.

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3pm can be a tricky time of the day for me. All the students are in class, it’s quiet in the library and the post-lunch nap is trying to get a look in. Inspired by a Twitter convo on silent discos I’ve started tweeting a track after 3pm for us all to quietly chair dance to.
Here’s today’s track (on solid repeat at my place)

If you have a song that always gets you up dancing let me know what it is. It will probably make an appearance in the #thethreeoclocksilentdiscoclub

*dances out of room*

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#twecon 2013 05

My tweets from #twecon May 2013

1. Toi Whakaari: NZ Drama School : using marae based frameworks across the organisation. #twecon

2. Courses in various aspects of stagecraft. Tikanga Maori an essential part since 1989. Underpins a collaborative environment. #twecon

3.Has evolved into marae frameworks, more spec. te powhiri structure: matataki, karanga, whakatau, whaikorero, waiata, hongi, hakari #twecon

4. Framework underpins organisational culture. Application varies e.g. Powhiri (obviously!) + workshops (this section = karanga). #twecon

5. A polished expression of the concept e.g. harmonised waiata, less important than the action e.g. showing support to the speaker. #twecon

6. Enhances collaborative working environment – all working on concept, not expression. #twecon

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