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Today: A-

4pm. Today is going pretty well so far.

1. I got to use jazz hands at the gym this morning.

2. Breakfast with an enthusiastic colleague included a delicious muffin.

3. Library colleague and I sorted out some shelving/space/budget issues that have been vexing me for months.

4. Head of Directing came in for a long chat about next year’s film option. I got to play devil’s advocate AND talk about the internet AND Star Trek.  *angelic choir* Then he introduced me to Green porno.  😐

5. Three graduates of the smile-when-I-see-them type came in to say hello AND do some research for work they are doing with current students.

6. Tweetsdropped on AND had excellent conversations on Twitter.

In fact the only slightly weird note was the sandwich I ate for lunch. I should have known. Sandwiches and I don’t really get on.

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