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Revist #thethreeoclocksilentdiscoclub

I’ve been doing the #thethreeoclocksilentdiscoclub since May. (Reminder of the tag: 3pm + quiet in the library = chair-dancing time.) It has been fun but all good things must come to an end. I’ve decided that will be when Daylight Saving Time kicks in (last Sunday in September, when 2.00am becomes 3.00am.) I’m pretty sure that people are listening but without any way of assessing that, I fear that it will become annoying. (Like the fitness updates or 4square checkins or that hashtag that just won’t stop.)

Most of the tracks are available on the playlist. Every so often a video goes dark or is removed from the playlist by the owner. Sadly my calendar had a melt-down, so I’m not actually sure of the names of all the tracks. I quite like this as a philosophy –  #thethreeoclocksilentdiscoclub is ephemeral, only existing when it can. (I know that’s technically not true since I’ve collected them into a playlist but please, work with me here.)

Since the focus has been on tracks you can dance to, I’ll point you to Russell Brown’s Friday Music: Dancing Fool. It’s about dancing. I love dancing. I don’t do it much now – lack of opportunity mostly. My desire to dance has always been outweighed by my lack of specific knowledge about dance moves. The music tells me to do one thing, but I can’t figure out how to do it physically. My favourite dancing memory is hanging out with the cast of The Arrival and watching them dance in the Festival Club at one of the NZ International Arts Festivals. Those guys can move. They have the skills plus they look full of joy while they do it.

I’m not sure about the “Dance as if nobody’s watching” thing. I try to dance in relationship to the person I’m dancing with. This means watching for balance, counter-balance, interaction, lead, follow, etc. And space. I like lots of space to dance in. Sardine-style is not my favourite way to dance. Unsurprisingly, I also can’t abide formal or slow dancing. Give me room to move! Give me room to be in control sometimes! I tend towards literal interpretation, or “Old school” as my niece calls it. I think I could do “Dance as if nobody’s judging” instead.

Here’s the final track for 2013. Well, maybe not the _final_ track. There may be some special episodes 😉

C & C Music factory – Everybody dance now

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Redux #thethreeoclocksilentdiscoclub

I’m one month and 21 tracks into #thethreeoclocksilentdiscoclub (Quick recap on the title: 3pm + quiet in the library = chair-dancing time.) I’ll admit this is also a bit of a research experiment for me. If I regularly tweet a hashtag plus link at the same time every working day – what happens? Will people reply with their own track? Will they get annoyed? What kind of response will I get?

Apart from one sad comment that the time clashes with the school pick-up run 😦 the response has been pretty positive. People have talked about the stories that a particular track has prompted them to remember. I’ve found some songs that are new to me – which turn out to be other people’s favourites. I’ve been@’d and DM’d titles. I’m posting these – either with direct HT/via attribution or with a pseudonym.

I like that I can release a #thethreeoclocksilentdiscoclub into the wild and sometimes an echo will come back.

Here’s today’s track.

Ciara – I’m out ft. Nicki Minaj (clean version #SafeForWork)

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3pm can be a tricky time of the day for me. All the students are in class, it’s quiet in the library and the post-lunch nap is trying to get a look in. Inspired by a Twitter convo on silent discos I’ve started tweeting a track after 3pm for us all to quietly chair dance to.
Here’s today’s track (on solid repeat at my place)

If you have a song that always gets you up dancing let me know what it is. It will probably make an appearance in the #thethreeoclocksilentdiscoclub

*dances out of room*

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