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Vietnamese Water Puppets

Best to think of this as a cultural event and to be prepared for low tech puppetry (and the weather!) The stories are enchanting if you can let go of adult expectations and approach them in a childlike manner. (There were quite a few children in the audience the night I went. They were laughing a lot.) The music was more cheerful than I expected. The puppets were shabbier than I expected. (Some of them needed to be repainted. Others looked like they needed some repair work.)
One thing I found very interesting was the outdoor seating. It wasn’t quite dark so the performers could see us clearly. It made me wonder if my experience of some plays would be different if the house lights were on throughout.

Vietnamese Water Puppets, Thang Long Troupe, Vietnam
8-20 March, various times, Aotea Square

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Paper Sky

A story on an intimate scale from Red Leap Theatre. Intimate in both the need to be close to the stage to see some of the action and in the story itself.
Henry has made his home his sanctuary. Outside is scary and loud. Inside is safe and secure. Predictable. Then Lumina appears and changes his life.
There isn’t a lot of dialogue in this show which means that the audience has to really focus on the performers to pick up the story. It helps that there is plenty of physical comedy in and around the more serious (and potentially scary) scenes. Clever use of folding scenery showed changes in scene and scale. Who knew paper could be robust and delicate?
Get as close to the stage as you can. Beautiful.

Paper Sky: a love story by Red Leap Theatre
10-14 March, 7pm, Mercury Theatre

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