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Ingoa Maori

Here are some tips on pronunciation for the Maori language.

1. There are a couple of standard sounds for vowels. A short version and a long version (indicated either by a double vowel e.g. aa, or a macron e.g. ā.)

2. Listen to the vowel sounds. Don’t look at the screen. Hear the vowel sounds. Practice them. Lock in the mouthfeel of them.

3. Seriously, don’t look at the screen. I hear a few people go wrong when they’re reading the words because their brain is translating the vowel sounds into the more familiar sounds of their first language.  (HT to the marvelous Anahera for that insight.)

4. Practice. Watch Maori TV and listen to the language.  Even if you don’t understand, your brain will be getting used to the sound of te reo. You’ll get better just by having it on in the background!

Ready for some more? Learn how to say Moata Tamaira (our idol blogger) or try out some Aotearoa ingoa wāhi.

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