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Notebook cover boy

This is my current #NotebookCoverBoy.

It started off as a joke at the height of the Hey Girl thing. Someone linked me to the library one, I printed out one that I liked and stuck it to the wall. Honestly, I forgot it was there until one day one of the tutors noticed it. ‘Oh’ he said over a laugh ‘I’ve worked with him. A fine young man.’ (He said something else like – ‘serious about his work, never wants to do the same thing twice’ – but I can’t remember the details.) Then a student noticed. ‘Oh’ he said over a laugh ‘Is he any good?’ I have never seen him in a movie so that conversation continued awkwardly. Then I stuck the picture on the cover of my notebook. It’s a great conversation starter. Admittedly it’s mostly of the ‘It’s a joke.’ ‘No I haven’t seen him in anything.’ ‘Lars and the real girl you say?’ variety, but it’s still a starter.

I’ve almost finished the notebook.

One of these will be the next #NotebookCoverBoy

(Actually, pretty sure it won’t be this last one because that would be weird. Winter is coming dude. Put a shirt on.)

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