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Brooklyn Museum

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Via Brooklyn Museum

To accompany the exhibition Vishnu: Hinduism's Blue-Skinned Savior Brooklyn Museum are showing a smaller group of Indian paintings that have been crowd sourced.?? The project was inspired by 'Blink' by Malcolm Gladwell about how humans judge and make choices. The Museum's online community were invited to take part in a three stage process. "The first stage explores split-second reactions: in a timed trial, participants will be asked to select which painting they prefer from a randomly generated pair of images. Next, participants will be asked to write in their own words about a painting before rating its appeal on a scale. In the third phase, participants will be asked to rate a work of art after being given unlimited time to view it alongside a typical interpretive text." According to the exhibition description "this online experiment and resulting installation will explore how our initial reaction to a work of art is affected by what we know, what we???re asked, and what we???re told about the object in question."

I'm excited that the Museum is exploring this. It's something that I'm interested in with regards to how individuals respond to performance. I like to know something about the process behind a show such as design inspiration, costumes or rehearsal process etc. I'd rather not know any detail about the story. I'm undecided as to whether I want to know the inspiration or background to the story (other than the bare bones) as part of the fun is in anticipating what comes next. Having said that I will go to shows more than once. (Yes, I watch movies more than once and I will watch "behind the scenes" and listen to commentary too. #nerd ) What does that say about me as audience? I'm not sure yet, it's something I'm still exploring.?? What about you? Do you know what you like to know before you go and watch something?

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