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Arohatia te reo

I arahina ta māua tirotiro haere i te Weta Cave i tenei rā. I korerotia te tāhuhu kōrero ki te kaiarahi. I katakata māua.

We went on a guided tour of the Weta Cave today. The guide told us the history. We laughed.

I’m in my second year learning te reo through Te Ataarangi. They have a particular teaching style which is based on speaking te reo. It’s full immersion. The kaiako use a mixture of charades, transliterated phrases, cuisenaire rods, and lots of laughter to help us learn. It’s tough. At the beginning every word sounded like every other word and every second word was ‘ki’. Then I had a breakthrough – I could understand what my boss was saying when he was speaking Maori at whakatau. Generally a mihimihi will follow a certain pattern – mihi to the atua, to the kaikarakia, to the mate, to the VIPs, everyone in the room. I could understand that. It was when I began to understand the specifics of what he was saying that it became very exciting.

I can understand more than I can speak, although my vocabulary needs a big boost. (I’m working on it by being signed up to Kupu o te Rā plus I’m going to have a go at learning the 100 Māori words every New Zealander should know.) I can speak more than I can write. The first few sentences of this blog are an attempt to get over the shyness in writing te reo.

(The Window on Weta guided tour was very informative and interesting. Recommended.)

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