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In the 30’s


My friend Fiona recently celebrated her 30’s in Napier during the Art Deco Festival week. We gathered at the Sunken Garden in Napier for a picnic lunch. Lots of people were in Art Deco costume which was awesome. My favourite part was the aerobatics display. ( If only I’d known that the beach was 1min walk away the planes wouldn’t have disappeared behind trees.)  This was a festive occasion and people were really getting into it by dressing up and gently teasing each other. My friends and their kids had a wonderful time at the other free events. It sounds like something I’ll want to investigate further.

I prepared for this installment of #smackmyarts by reading “The bolter” by Frances Osborne. It’s about Idina Sackville “the woman who scandalised 1920s society and became White mischief’s infamous seductress”. It was a fascinating look into the world of the very rich (and quite scandalous) from aristocratic Britain during two world wars and beyond. Drunkenness, nudity, divorces, affairs – all with a desperate air of living life to the full. There’s plenty of detail – from letters, diaries and interviews. ( I think it gets more interesting after Idina’s first divorce so persevere through the descriptions of what her husband was up to.)  Following that I am ripping my way through the Phryne Fisher series by Kerry Greenwood. This is quirky little series about a female detective in 1920s Melbourne. It’s more fun than it seems. (There’s plenty of sex and crime in this series too.)

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