My name is Kris Wehipeihana. I’m at a drama school helping the next generation of creative artists to be excited by the library. This is place for writing about the things that interest me. These things include but are not limited to: live performance, film, photography, social constructs, libraries, comics, books, Twitter, and me. It’s a bit random. #NotSorry

“Get sorted” is my theme for 2014.

“Do something” was my theme for 2013.

Top three things going on in my head at the moment…

Unicorns. They keep popping up in my vicinity. I know right? Strange. But it will be the Chinese Year of the Horse so I reckon that explains it.

Moving house. I’ve manicpixiedreamgirled this house. I think I will be amazing in it.

Cross-stitching phrases from Twitter. I could be planning my life but this is what I’m doing instead. *sigh*

Bonus round:

I think this is the best thing I’ve ever written.

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