100 Days Project: Day Three

This morning I had a twitter chat with a friend about calendars. They were sick of using three different calendars so I shared that I used to think that as well until I tried a single magical calendar and discovered I don’t like adding work stuff to my personal calendar and vice versa. They thought that this was probably going to be them as well. They work for different organisations so one of the solutions they came up with was to invite themselves at one organisation to a meeting at the other organisation (since they couldn’t share editing capability for each calendar). Some other people talked about Bullet Journaling.

This is all leading up to me saying that I had a time management fail yesterday. Everything stacked up at the end of the day – offsite meeting, 100 Days Project activity, preparing to [late notice] chair a meeting – all on Date Night.


Luckily I have a very chill and supportive Boo who went off to get pizza while I read through the meeting papers. (I’d read them but in a different way to the way I needed to read to chair.) Then we watched ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND and I tried to cartoon Kate Winslet and Jim Carrey. I’m so out of practice that I ended up with this instead.



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