Reviewing styles

Oops. Forgot to cross post yesterday’s review from the Wellingtonista to here yesterday. I promise I blogged yesterday…just not here. Anyway it’s up now. The two reviews show my contrasting reviewing style depending on who I’m writing for. On the official site that I review theatre for I’m much more circumspect about what happens. I tend to write about the ‘how’ of things. My style is based on informing people what the show is like so they can make up their own mind whether to go. I name check anyone I think has done a great job. On my own site I’m much more freewheeling about the things I write about. I still try to avoid spoilers but I might include some of the moments that stood out for me in the production.

I was asked to write for the Wellingtonista based on the reviews that I (used to) write here so I’m not sure I’m giving them what they want. I imagine that they’d like me to be a bit more timely…


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