I felt like a bit of an egg for not paying attention to the name of the show (big clues to the theme right there). The company hit the theme straight away and do not let up during the show. Featuring an angelic (or maybe fallen angel?) ringleader/master controller, a band, and several circus performers. The performers are alternately part of the establishment and one of the people in Limbo trying to get free. Except for the band who seem to be firmly ensconsed in their debauched, slightly aloof role. (And ‘dude stroking beard’ – it’s an excellent sinister look for you, keep up the good work! I would like to know what the instrument with all the little metal bits is called.)

I think I am guilty of reading too many books which talk about The contortionist, The acrobat, The magician’s assistant etc. I’d forgotten that in the modern circus environment the performers all have multiple talents. They sing, they dance, they look fantastic with hardly any clothes on… (A+ costume design. I liked the feathers and the little red neckerchiefs…) Most of the time I was silent with admiration at their skills while the rest of the audience gasped and applauded. I’m glad other people could move! I was totally spellbound by the skill and amazingness which the human body is capable of.

Yes, good, go!

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