The universe has been expanding for the whole of its existence

Borders gradually getting further and further out.

The distance between stars like fingerprints

Tenderly shifting as a person becomes stout.

It seems that society is going that way too

With communities clustered around opposite poles.

If you look a certain way, have a certain hair-do

Then you’re locked into playing stereotypical roles.

But humans are made from star stuff

And some of us won’t play by those rules.

We’ll stick together when the black dog is rough

We’ll outface the ignorant fools.


We’re changing the way the story is told. We do it because – hope.


On National Poetry day 2014 I thought I’d write some poems based on prompts from tweeps. This prompt “Write me a poem about hope.” I also recorded it because I was told I couldn’t rhyme ‘existence’ with ‘prints’. Kiwi accent says ‘yes I can’. Sonnet style.


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