St. Jonny’s year of reading massively

A friend of mine (St. Jonny) has a reading project each year. He’ll set himself a new aspect of writing to explore. This year (or next year, I really must check which) is his #YearOfReadingMassively. Twelve books of over 1000 pages each. Some of us are reading along with him. My book is Bleak House by Charles Dickens.
I’ve got that title because when he asked which of two titles should be on the list I replied “Not Bleak House, because ‘bleak’. Disclaimer: have not read.” A colleague said ‘Oh, I love Bleak House, it’s so funny.’ I relayed this to St. Jonny, and Bleak House made the cut. Since I’ve let other people know I’m reading it though, it appears my first instinct was correct. Oh well. Apparently Dickens used to read this aloud, so I’m going to try that if things get too depressing for me.


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