Why so curt?

Most of my #blogjune posts this year have been quite short. Mostly not more than a paragraph, sometimes not even that. It’s because if it doesn’t get written at work it doesn’t get written on a keyboard, & I’m typing it out on my not-quite-smart-enough phone.
I tend to take my lunch at my desk anyway so I set aside 20mins or so to write something. There’s not necessarily much more than a paragraph that can be written in that time (at least for me) but the discipline of it worked. It continues to work but only if I have time for it. For example, today I bused into town for cake, and to drop off my overdue library book. 40 mins later I’m back at work, eating lunch & checking in with the team. No time for blogging at work.
I’m not at work on the weekends. I sometimes fire up the laptop, but it’s a bit like my phone. (Both of them are on their last battery bars I think.) But hey – #blogjune continues here.

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