More questions from Twitter

“how do I want people to remember me?” & then “have I done anything to help people remember me that way today?”

I often think about the first one and not so much about the second one. The answers to the first one vary depending on my mood. I like to think they are all realistic – terribly boring I know. ‘Generous’, ‘Lovely’, ‘She cared who I was’, ‘Made great pancakes’, etc. To help with that I work on the little things. Like being aware that every interaction is a way to make someone’s day neutral, if not better, or acknowledging the way someone feels without trying to change it or “You didn’t know that? OMG YOU HAVE SO MUCH FUN AHEAD OF YOU!” instead of “You didn’t know that? You ignorant piglet.”

This post from my tweep Emma speaks to that philosophy and to me.

Why Minutia Matters to Me.

Our lives are made up of a million tiny particles that gravitate toward one another, like grabbing like. I’ve got a rich tapestry of flaws, God knows (and so does anyone who’s met me). I want there to be more generosity, more love, more kindness in there, so that those particles can hang onto one another and grow.

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One thought on “More questions from Twitter

  1. Cath Sheard says:

    Yes – to all the kindness and love and generosity we can muster.

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