And with that it came to rest against the trunk.  A crackle as the glass of water shattered on the ground. A final shuffle of papers falling. Quiet.

The dog cowered under the bed. Ears laid flat against its head, body low to the cool wooden floor boards.  Eyes wide, it stared past the blanket.

Hair ruffled gently in the breeze from the open door. Water from the broken tumbler soaked into material, turning it from light grey to charcoal. Papers stuck together by glass shards.

The dog stayed under the bed. Its pupils enlarged as gradually the light faded.

The full moon rose. Hair still waved in the breeze. Material turned from charcoal to light grey as it dried.

A soft growl as the dog crawled out from under the bed. It sniffed at the material, still growling.

The dog jumped on the body, squashing the lungs. Its teeth began to tear at the belly. The sigh escaped the lips, softly, quietly.

  • Inspired by @sallyheroes 100 days of creativity. First line given by @Michael_J_Parry, last line given by @Michael_J_Parry
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