It’s Tuesday after the Queen’s Birthday long weekend. Having spent yesterday in a cat-like trance (sleeping, eating, zoning out in front of the fire) it was a bit of a shock to get up for an 8am meeting in the city. On the bus I realised that I didn’t have my wallet with me. No pastries for the meeting (this was my role). My Snapper (bus card) is all ‘please check your balance’ & there’s less than $5 remaining which is the minimum you need to get on the bus with a card. I check my wallet. I have $3.30 in change which might get me back to work, but won’t get me home at the end of the day. Hopefully the wallet is on my desk!

I get the the building and there’s a guy loitering in the foyer. “Random” I think, go into the lift….and it doesn’t move. And I can’t get back out. I staved off my slight claustrophobia by texting my coffee order to the person who’d set up the meeting. About 3 minutes later a woman came in with a swipe card so at least I could get back out to the foyer. The guy in the foyer smiles sympathetically at me.

Happily everything resolved nicely – I made it into the building, I got coffee, the meeting was great*, I borrowed some cash for the bus, I found my wallet, and purchased a toastie & a muffin for breakfast.
*Plans! Plans! We have cunning plans for conference! #SoExcite

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