“And she never found her flogger after that.” Rachel widened her eyes, and dipped her chin towards George. She sipped delicately from her teacup.

George looked suitably scandalised. “You mean she thinks the Professor…” Rachel nodded. “But…that’s outrageous!” George exclaimed. “That is…” She paused. “Actually, that explains why she charges so much.”

Rachel giggled. “It also explains why the Professor demands to see her rather than us. A little bit of extra frisson over stealing something – even though she’s paying for it. We are too careful with our gear to let anyone take it.”

“Well, it just takes so long to replace it” said George. She rolled over on the picnic blanket and ran her hand up Rachel’s bare arm.”I mean, it’s easy enough to get the gear, but to get it to…”

Rachel tilted her head. “To get it to…?”

George smiled. “Apologies, I lost my train of thought. Something about the light through the cherry blossoms, and the way it plays over your hair…” She leaned forward and kissed Rachel gently below the ear. She moved her hand until it was on the butterfly clip holding Rachel’s hair up. In one quick movement she unclipped it and threw it up into the branches.

The butterfly clip bounced off the flowers above them . It tumbled down amid a scatter of cherry blossoms and with that it came to rest against the trunk.

  • Inspired by @sallyheroes 100 days of creativity. First line given by @vavroom last line given by @Michael_J_Parry

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