The unicorn in Rachel’s kitchen lit a cigarette and vomited a rainbow into the sink.

“Jesus fucking Christ, George!” Rachel shouted from the doorway.

George leaned on the counter and flapped a hand toward her. “Sorry Rach.” His unicorn headband slipped down over his forehead. He pushed it back weakly.

Rachel shouldered him away from the sink. She turned the taps on full. “Just sit down.”

George collapsed into one of the chairs. The headband slipped again to a rakish angle. He ignored it in favour of taking a drag on his cigarette. The sound of water gushing into the sink dominated the kitchen. Rachel watched it swirl the debris down the plughole. When the last of it was gone she put on the rubber dish washing gloves, got out the Jif, and methodically cleaned the sink and the bench around it. George watched her in silence. He smoked his cigarette, blowing the smoke up towards the ceiling. When she finished, he said “You didn’t have to do that you know.”

Rachel glanced over her shoulder. “You’re in no condition to clean up.” She put the cleaning products away.

“That wasn’t my point.” George said. “It’s not like…”

Rachel interrupted. “I want things to be nice! I want things to be clean and tidy and nice!” She grabbed a clean tea-towel from the drawer and dampened it under the tap. Gently she cleaned George’s mouth. When she’d finished she balled the tea towel up and threw it into the bin.

“You know I don’t like you smoking.” She kissed his forehead.

“You know I don’t like your not liking me smoking.” George smiled. He threw the cigarette into the sink where it sputtered and went out.

Rachel shook her head. “Idiot” she said. She sat on his lap. Their too skeletal bodies pressed against each other as they looked out the window.

“So, this is it.” George hugged her as he said it. “I’m sorry for throwing up in the sink.  It must have been nerves.”

“It’s a very nerve-wracking time.” Rachel agreed as she hugged him back. I’m just surprised you had something to throw up… And I hate you smoking.”

They laughed and held each other tighter. Outside the window the first few meteors hit the ground. Flames leapt, the shockwave rolled through their building but Rachel and George kissed as the world ended.

Together, they lived happily forever after.


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