“It began to look purple 2 days ago.” That’s what Rachel was greeted with when she came home after her holiday. She’d been in the taxi, wondering whether the milk would be off, wondering whether the supermarket would still be open at this time of the night, idly scratching at her sunburned shoulder when the taxi turned the corner into the police cordon. Literally, into the police cordon. Right through the police tape, over the road cones and *tink* into a police car. While Rachel sat there in shock her door was opened.

“It began to look purple 2 days ago.” said the woman opening the door. She switched her focus to Rachel “You okay love? It takes some people like that. We need to get you out of here.” Rachel allowed the woman to help her out of the car.

“What takes…what?” Rachel stammered. “I don’t understand.”  The woman pointed down the block towards Rachel’s house. Rachel’s eyes followed. In the front garden of her house there was  a giant plant.

“Is that…is that a beanstalk in my front garden?” The woman nodded.

“Yep, as far as we can tell. Wait – that’s your house?” The woman’s posture changed slightly. From solicitous she now seemed suspicious.

The blue and red lights  flickered over the beanstalk, making it look as if it was pulsing with sap.

“Is that fucking beanstalk in my front garden!? And that – is that a fucking unicorn IN MY HOUSE?!” Rachel’s voice rose hysterically.

The unicorn in Rachel’s kitchen lit a cigarette and vomited a rainbow into the sink.


3 thoughts on “40 DAYS OF STORY. DAY 6.

  1. Sally says:

    Absolutely loving your stories Kris 🙂

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