It was a look that could kill. Sarah was sure she’d be dead on the spot if it weren’t for the fact that Professor Trigg did not actually have laser eyes. It just felt like it. Sharp green eyes with a piercing gaze that saw all your imperfections. Sarah stayed very still. She looked through the window behind the Professor. There the last rod was being slotted into place. Once it was in place, the workers would press a button to start the machine. That must not happen.

Trigg narrowed her eyes. “You are telling me that I am incorrect in my calculations. That there is a flaw in the schematics which will lead to a catastrophic failure in the water plant leading to a reduction in available drinking water not an increase. That this plan – my plan, will not work.” Professor Trigg leaned closer. “Exactly how many years experience have you had in this field? Exactly how long have you been working on this project?”

Sarah rolled her shoulders uncomfortably. “yess”. She coughed, then met the Professor’s gaze. “Yes. You are incorrect in your calculations. Yes. There is a flaw in the schematics. Yes. Your plan is going to fail.” Her voice strengthened. “I have 3 years experience in this field and I have been working on the project for 3 weeks. That doesn’t make me wrong. People are going to die from this…this experiment of yours. You must delay the launch.”

Trigg sneered. “I must delay the launch?” She stepped closer. Sarah fought the urge to run out of the office into the open air. Trigg moved her mouth close to Sarah’s ear and whispered “Neither of us is going to delay the launch.” Her hand moved quickly. There was a click. Sarah looked down in horror. Cold metal handcuffs linked them both.

“What…let me go!” Sarah cried jerking her hand back. Trigg moved with it. “You must say please and thank you” she said, as the racket being made behind her increased.

Inspired by @sallyheroes 100 days of creativity. First line given by @lancewiggs, last line given by @lancewiggs + @jinnee79 (Slightly modified.)


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