At last the wall began to disintegrate. George allowed himself a small smile. He saw the soldiers draw away from him. He didn’t change his expression but an intense feeling of satisfaction welled up inside him. ‘Yes, that’s right, my sweetlings’ he thought, ‘You are not the only ones who can maim and hurt.’ When the wall was transparent he gestured the soldiers with sledge-hammers forward. As they worked he ran his gaze over the company.

They were looking pretty good for a group who had traveled fourteen days and nights in order to arrive at this castle on the night of the full moon. A bit ragged around the edges of their uniforms, perhaps a bit tense around the eyes. He looked down at himself. Adjusted the cuffs of his shirt. Their tenseness was easily explained. They were here to exterminate some vermin. Vermin that had already seen off three other Companies. He smiled again. None of those Companies had a Chemical Expert assigned to them though. They didn’t have a genius level Chemical Expert who could create mixtures that could dissolve 3 feet of stone wall in under 20 seconds, then turn inert. They didn’t have a genius level Chemical Expert who could create a mixture that would send the Gorgon, and only the Gorgon, to sleep. It may have seemed silly to worry about how the Company looked, but George wanted the last thing the Gorgon saw to be three rows of neatly attired soldiers who were not turning to stone.

The last of the wall was down. One of the soldiers jerked his head indicating that George should go through. George wrinkled his nose. He flicked the switch on the atomiser. When he was sure that it had begun omitting clouds of the chemical that would put the Gorgon to sleep he cautiously walked through the gap in the wall.

He was in a small garden. The hedges were neatly trimmed. There were several rambling rose bushes looking ethereal in the moonlight. Here and there he saw statues. George gave the all-clear signal. The soldiers poured silently through the gap and took up positions on the perimeter of the garden behind him. They waited. After a while George started fidgeting. Once they were in the soldiers were going to lead him to the Gorgon’s rooms. He understood the need to secure the location but they hadn’t moved in 15 minutes. … Hadn’t moved in 15 minutes… His breathing shortened. ‘Perhaps’ he thought ‘ I should have checked to see which way the wind was blowing.’ A movement caught his eye. George turned his head to see the Gorgon looking at him.

It was a look that could kill.

Inspired by @sallyheroes 100 days of creativity. First line given by @lancewiggs, last line given by @lancewiggs.


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