40 days of story. Day 2.

Once upon a time, there lived a princess in a castle. She had long brown hair which she tied back off her face. Her eyes were the blue of a fine summer day. They sparkled with good humour. Her name was Grace. She was very like her name.

Grace was fourth in line to the throne. There were her three brothers before her. They were strong, smart, capable men, always having their opinions printed in the daily newspapers. Grace did not have public opinions. Instead, she blogged quietly under a pseudonym. She did other things quietly too.

On Monday she she hosted a book club for underprivileged mothers. On Tuesday she volunteered in a soup kitchen. On Wednesday she read to the children for storytime at the local library. On Thursday she taught a class at the Community College. On Friday she opened a supermarket, or hosted a visiting foreign delegation. On Saturday she’d attend glittering soirees. On Sunday she’d lock herself in her quarters and scream into a pillow.

Grace often felt restrained and confined by her name. One day she started drinking sherry and did not stop. At last the wall began to disintegrate.

Inspired by @sallyheroes 100 days of creativity. First line given by @flexnib, last line given by @lancewiggs.


2 thoughts on “40 days of story. Day 2.

  1. Nice job! I wondered what you were going to do with Lance’s sentence. Tumeke!

  2. librarykris says:

    oh. thank you. (Actually, not what I wanted, but I got interrupted several times in my schedule 15-20min writing time so had to downscale the plan.)

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