Reflection from LIANZA13 Day 2 take 2

Right. Now I’m no longer dazzled by the bombardment of awesome from Eli Neiburger, I’m better able to reflect on Day 2.

Very excited to see some ideas about Playfulness, Prototyping/Testing, and Just Get Started emerging. (I’ve been testing the origami fortune teller for the redesign of orientation. I’ve made about four versions so far and each time I learn something new.)

I enjoyed the links that people made during their presentations with the effect that the research/initiatives/changes/actions had on their communities.  It made their examples more concrete and made it easier for me to transfer some of that thinking to my situation. It feels like more sophisticated thinking than ‘how to do this thing’ or ‘how I did this thing’. That practical work is also important, but the examples about the difference it makes speaks to the Library’s purpose.

Two practical things for me –

1. An idea that’s come from Eli’s presentation  is for APNK to expand into MakerSpaces in smaller towns. MakerSpaces (according to Eli) are extensions of what already happens at the library – photocopy, print, access to creation software. It feels like a great fit for APNK with their mission of “everyone can benefit from accessing, experiencing and creating digital content.”

2. Thanks to Anne Ferrier-Watson I have a further idea of how to discuss the change of library service in the kura. It’s an issue for the whole institution to discuss. I can start the discussion by asking questions like – How does scholarly research fit into the learning/teaching philosophy of the kura? What sort of resource weaving do students need to be able to do – in their written work, in their tangible work, in their collaborative group work? I think these will be great questions to focus the discussion away from access and collections and into a more literacy focused area.

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