Reflection from LIANZA13 Day 2

Good grief! Just had my mind blown by our final keynote for the day – Eli Neiburger. He was talking about the way his library, Ann Arbor, is diversifying the library experience for their community and citizens, and therefore diversifying the value. The activities themselves are exciting, but more than that it is the way that they are thinking about their services. (On a smaller scale, Matt is writing about the activities he’s been doing in Parkes in the Finding Library Futures series. Same philosophy – to steal a phrase from Matt – “that imaginative play is also the business of libraries.“)  This is something that I’d love to see public libraries really taking up and implementing (and them telling everyone about it.)Prior to Eli, I was pleased to see that the themes of Context, Local, and Collaboration, were a continuing thread through the presentations. Some new ones of Prototype/Test, Play are also emerging. What’s also exciting is what I’m calling next layer thinking – we’re getting beyond the objects/basic service and starting to dream and think about what could be done next. To think about value rather than fiscal return.

Actually, too many ideas whizzing around my head from Eli’s talk to really reflect on the rest of the day today. Off to the tweetup with the other twitterarti (not tweetsexuals, thanks DJ) to maybe do a bit of discussion and unpacking.

All my notes are available in this document. (If you’re at conference and have things to add, please do so!)


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