Juxtaposition inspiration

These are the things that are making me think today.

– Tim Minchin’s Nine Life Lessons – in which he gives advice about a bunch of things that when added together are a pretty good basis for building communities.

– Harvard Business School case study: gender equity – about how difficult it is to change a culture of behaviour. Sometimes the people in it won’t even talk about it. Sometimes the people in it will resent you. Sometimes they will actively fight you. (Particularly resonant for me as the place I work has an organisational culture that is so different from mainstream, and the industry most of our students will be going into. Are we training them for now, or for the (possible) future? I know which I’d rather be involved in.)

– Five takeaways from the written version of a charming talk given by Pinboard founder Maciej Ceglowski. A slightly dangerous game to link to something that is about something that I haven’t read. I particularly like the poetry in the header.

– Nightingales/Bombs/Beethoven A beautifully written piece. Ostensibly looking for a word to describe the serendipitous wander from story to story, down the rabbit hole of internet links and pages. Includes “strangely profound audio documents of the British air-war.”

– Erebus voices by Bill Manhire. (Who is on Twitter.)

– Golden Years by David Bowie. More than the sum of its inspirations.

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