I wrote a story last night. Based on a dream. I know, I know. *shakes head* It wasn’t exactly how I’d planned to spend my Sunday night. Anyway, I wrote it planning to focus on the locations in the dream. They were vivid.  I wanted to capture their essence before I forgot. (I also dream about a sprawling building frequently. I wanted to see if I could figure out whether the buildings in this dream were part of the usual building. They were not. #strange) Instead what I got down on paper was the emotion of the dream. The disconnectedness. The invisibility. The quiet confidence that I was good at my job. That I was seen by the people that mattered. I didn’t quite manage to capture the hopeful resignation I felt (in the dream) but I think with a bit of tweaking I could get there.

I guess I should have expected this. I’ve been trying to capture the feel of a thing (painting, character, show, object, day, landscape etc) using metaphor or simile. It is not meant to capture the look of a thing. It captures how it makes me feel. I find it a really interesting process to go through. Sometimes what I think is the description changes as I spend more time with the thing. Twitter is very good for sharing this sort of thing. (I do it without context which is a bit of a cheat I guess.)

I haven’t written a complete fiction for a very, very long time. It feels weird.


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