Graphic novel groove


Way back in July I asked @feddabonn to suggest some graphic novel titles for me. He was, erm, ‘watching’ someone’s Twitter in order to suggest some titles for them. Of course I couldn’t let that go past without trying to get a piece of the action as well. I used to read graphic novels all the time when I was working in a public library. Probably because they were easily accessible and I could get them in series order. The library was also just starting its collection which meant that it got a whole bunch of titles in at the same time. (An indicator of just how long ago that was is my use of ‘graphic novel’. I think ‘comics’ is the word now. #SoBehindTheTimes Another indicator is that I’d forgotten they came in series order! #RookieMistake)

He asked me a couple of questions then called me a ‘prosumer’ because I’d read the well-regarded/famous titles. (This apparently was a good thing.) His two suggestions were: Transmetropolitan for “…the combination of an insane lead, dystopian setting and insights into the nature of cities.“; and Doom Patrol – with a suggestion for the Rachel Pollack over Grant Morrison. (My public library only holds the Morrison so it’s a moot point.) @kebabette weighed in the suggestion of The Manhattan Projects. (Unfortunately I managed to mix up authors/titles so I haven’t tried that one yet. The correct details are now on the list…)

I’d forgotten how much I like the comic format. The combination of tiny pictures and (mostly) dialogue really appeals. It’s a different kind of literacy to reading a block of text. I like the juxtaposition of ideas that can be shown in a single image. I like that I can sit with that for a while if I want/need to. I like that I can read them quickly if I want to or, in the case of Watchmen, (re)read them slowly.

Thanks Baruk, your suggestions were spot on.

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