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I’ve had a bit of a play with Twine. Wrote a few scenarios, looked at the instructions, clocked how it worked, wrote a few more scenarios, suffered crushing despair when I realised it was all coming out a bit librarian-y. Totally unsuitable. It was supposed to be FUN. Slept on it. Agonised over it. Thought about it. Realised that the two groups of students had two different sets of learning outcomes based on previous orientation sessions. Therefore the Twine story (with a bit of tinkering) would work for the Entertainment students but I should go a different route for the Design students.

When we’re planning a thing in the library – embedding in a class, attending a showing – I always ask what the outcomes are. That way we have a focus for our efforts. The library outcomes for both groups are the same.


  • The students are excited about range and type of resources available in the library
  • The students get comfortable in the library space
  • The students start to build their relationship with the library staff

This is my guess at the learning outcomes from the departments. It might not be correct. The way that they approach the orientation suggests that they each have a different focus. (Actually, just realised that the library role in previous orientations has been to watch from the side. To support but not plan or even run. What? What? Have I been asleep for the last couple of years? Great that the departments are involved enough to run their own orientation but…what?? Anyway.)


  • The students know where to find the different resources available in the library
  • The students know how to do a basic catalogue search for the different types of items
  • The students get interested in using the library as a resource


  • The students know there are different types of items available in the library
  • The students know how to do a basic catalogue search for the different types of items
  • The students can compare and assess the suitability of different resources

Here’s the latest draft of the Design orientation

Start with an origami fortune-teller to split the group up. Send individuals to specific yet (hopefully) different art focused areas of the library. Give them some time to look at the books. Send them to one of two locations where they will be handed an envelope of quotes and pointers in order to get them using the catalogue and exploring the other areas of the library.

Here’s the latest draft of the Entertainment orientation

Twine. Start with a basic search/find instruction giving the student all the details of the item they are looking for. Use that item to bounce into other areas. e.g. book > DVD > biographies > reviews > plays. Some of the ways to move forward will be a choice the student makes; other ways will be dependant on answering a question correctly.

Next step is to mock something up for both scenarios. Then run the library staff through it so I know I’m on the right track. After that I can take it to the tutors.

This is part 3 of an ongoing project to redesign the library orientation for the Design and Entertainment students at the kura.

Part 1: Steal an idea

Part 2: Tell a story

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