It’s so spring

Purchased some daffodils to cheer myself up. #damnyoutonsils

It’s the first day of September which means it’s the first official day of spring in New Zealand. Spring the season has already started. The van is covered in pollen from the pine trees. The birds are all chatty with each other. There are daffodils massed in buckets at the supermarket. The sun is shining. The ground smells warm. Every so often the sky pitches a fit and chucks down some rain. Spring is when I start to feel the inner me uncurl. Welcome back te rā.

In honour of Spring, here’s my very favourite blog featuring a daffodil. Technically it’s a post about summer but the daffodil plays a key role. (If you have time I recommend the three Dark Night Bromance posts as well.) I think the daffodil blog appeals to me for a few reasons. 1. I’m a Romantic and I like to see grand gestures rewarded (glad you’re not dead, Matt!); 2. It’s like a sort of fairytale complete with happy ending; and 3. I like the mad brevity of the txt. (For more on fairytales see this interview with Philip Pullman where he talks about “stories in general, and why the reading and the telling of them is so extraordinarily important for children and their families.” Which, incidentally, I found via @james_blue_cat who is also a good storyteller.)

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