Tell a story

Well. This thing is moving faster than expected. (Mostly because I can’t keep my big mouth shut…)

Last night, at our te reo class, I pitched the idea to The King (part of the Design team.) I hit these points:

  1. Orientation is reasonably successful for our design students, but could be sharper and more playful. K’s presentation in the library was really exciting to everyone who was involved so I’d like to try something like that.
  2. I want to work with the Design team to make sure the learning outcomes are included alongside library goals for the orientation.
  3. Having the new orientation online is an important part of why I want to change it up. Our students are online so we should be too. Even if there are limitations in the software we use, the ideas of play and narrative can come through (if I get it right!)

The King was pretty receptive to the idea of trying an alternative to the worksheets that are usually used. (When he said that, it sparked that I like the idea of having something tactile for the people to hold and play with. ‘Things to hold’ got added to the list of stuff to include.)

I’ve had a few ideas for how the story might go if we use Twine. Spider Baruk suggested I check out App La Carte. After a quick look, it looks a bit fancy for a first outing but I’ll take a better look later. (Not having a phone that can use apps means that I don’t really know how they work. Therefore, YMMV on how ‘fancy’ it is.) Then that reminded me of En Route, an audio based tour of Auckland. It doesn’t have the branching options but that might work better.

This is part 2 of an ongoing project to redesign the library orientation for the Design and Entertainment students at the kura.

Part 1 : Steal an idea

Part 3: Provide a hands on activity

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