Steal an idea

Our Design, and Entertainment students get a library orientation at the beginning of each year which is okay but I reckon it could be better. Here’s the first glimmerings of an idea for orientation next year based on the six bullet points from Matt Finch’s Show Me the Awesome: Immersive play in the 21st century library.*

Steal an idea I’m going to steal the idea of City of Souls Auckland Libraries’ “interactive adventure containing zombies, violence and mayhem” and mash it up with a (sort of) discovery game that a designer in their first year of study presented in the library earlier this year.
Tell a story  Not 100% on what this might be yet. A designer’s journey through the design process? A quest of some sort? I will need collaborators for this bit to also ensure that the learning outcomes are met.
Provide a hands on activity The aim is to have it be a mix of clicky-clicky through the story and go-have-a-look-on-the-shelf. What I’m thinking here is “You find an [ITEM] at [DDC]” with [ITEM] and [DDC] being selectable options. There will be an instruction to pick an item from the shelves. Or maybe I’ll put something in the item which determines what they choose. #NeedsMoreThinking
Provide a rich language activity There’s an emphasis on sharing personal discoveries and building on that information in this kura. I’ll expect that the tutors will want to lead this part of it.
Share participants’ work! As above.
Always make them join, always make them borrow They are already signed up so that’s not an issue. We invite people to take something out but only a few take advantage of this. Not next year. Next year they’re not getting out of the library without an item.

Next steps.

– Talk to Designer (student) about what she was aiming for in her presentation.

– Get Design Guy and ET on board to see if we can make it work.

– Tinker with Twine. (Or similar – if you have a suggestion let me know.)

– Remember to define the scope- keep it simple this time.

*I’ve been talking to Matt, Tosca, and Moata over the last month or so. A perfect storm of inspiration. Nga mihi ki a koutou.

This is part 1 of an ongoing project to redesign the library orientation for the Design and Entertainment students at the kura.

Part 2: Tell a story

Part 3: Provide a hands on activity

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