Birthday greetings

I tried something different this year – I told people it was my birthday. Then I took the day off work. *mwhahaha*

First up – breakfast in bed after a sleep in. I made a plan. By 9.20am I was out of the house and on a bus into town. I started birthday fun with Pacific Rim. Holy mother of wow that movie is noisy! I really enjoyed:

  • Music+choreography – the match between the Jaegar pilots’ synchronised movements and the pounding beat of the music
  • The very ripped lead male actor – Phwoar!
  • The subtly strong lead female actor – she says a lot without saying a lot (the tiny girl who played her younger self was amazing)
  • The way the movie mucked around with the laws of physics.

Excellent stuff. A real adrenalin rush to start the day. The visual intelligence of Pacific Rim is my favourite writeup of this movie.

Then it was off to Sweet Mothers’ Kitchen for lunch. Note to self – a caramel milkshake will fill you up so have it after the food. (No really, you won’t even be able to finish the pecan pie.)

After lunch I nipped to Te Papa to the Warhol Exhibition. Gosh what an interesting man! Perhaps he tipped over into being famous for being famous – but still interesting. My top three things from the exhibition:

  • “I wanted to command more space than I was commanding, but then I knew I was too shy to know what to do with the attention if I did manage to get it.”
  • The Silver Clouds room. Fill a bunch of rectangular silver balloons with helium, turn on some fans and set the balloons free! It was just me and the balloons for ages. Very surreal, very meditative.
  • The painting that can only be seen under a black light.

Here’s my screen test. Sorry about the light. The screen was to the side so I couldn’t check the levels before recording. Every time I turned my head the levels would change. (I wriggle my nose at 3.57.)

The next two films were both in the mighty Embassy. I like that cinema. First up – 20 feet from stardom. It profiles a group of American backup singers. Such an interesting story. The way they talked about each other had me in tears sometimes. (Great respect and admiration for each others talents.) There were some sad moments – man, some of them got ripped off – and some really funny moments. Then to finish the day Gloria. This also featured a fabulous selection of songs. Quite funny and a bit sad all at the same time.

All in all a splendid day out.


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