The World’s End

Tonight I went to the final movie in the Cornetto trilogy. *EEEEEEEE* Some thoughts/things from the evening:
– I am rubbish at the red carpet stargazing.
– I’m quite good at the one on one chat as long as it’s not too long. – Security guys are nice to chat to.
– I’m not so good at placing people from their names. (Especially when they try to be sneaky.)
– I tried to give my Cornetto to a dwarf but his wife told him to get his own. *tee hee*
– R row, while quite far back has a good perspective for the giant screen at the Embassy Theatre in Wellington. – Martin Freeman is rather good at the comedic speech.
– The movie is EXCELLENT.
– Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg write scripts that have all the elements of storytelling that I love. – Nick Frost has a pushkick that is a thing of beauty.
– Dinner will be late.

Thanks @paramountnz for the brilliant evening.


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