Tapa whenua

I’ve nicked the title of today’s post from the Tapa whenua – naming places article on Te Ara.  It details naming conventions for New Zealand places names. Page four is the most relevant to this week – “Many Māori place names are simply descriptive, such as Whanganui (big harbour), Pukerua (two hills), Maunganui (big mountain) and Awaiti (little river), but others are difficult to translate because they may have more than one meaning.”  There are stories behind the names of places. History. So interesting.

This is today’s bonus #thethreeoclocksilentdiscoclub track. It’s Tu Te Manawa Maurea performing their poi at Te Matatini 2011. The kura I work at goes to stay at Manutuke marae once a year. Each year we get closer to the community and through our work, reflect them back to themselves…sorry for that terrible sentence. Anyway, here it is.

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