Download a whakataukī

It’s Te wiki o te reo Maori! This year’s theme is Maori names. If you’re on Twitter you can tweet @temihinga your name and the meaning, and she’ll tweet you back a translation.

The MCH have created a handful of  “wallpapers for your computer with whakataukī (sayings) that each relate to atua (deities) and places important within te ao Māori (the Māori world).” The choice is limited and you won’t find familiar whakataukī. I’d also like a pointer to why those ones. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that the whakataukī “He iti te kupu, he nui te kōrero (a small number of words, a multitude of meanings)” is so true.

Think of it like this – when someone on the Internet says “One does not simply…” or “Damn you autocorrect“, there are layers of references that fall out of that one phrase. It’s the same with a whakataukī. (Actually, it’s the same with place names too. )

Finally, I’ve been trying to find the ad for te reo which had two fine young Maori in Italy (?) romancing each other in te reo, with two Italians (?) remarking on what a romantic language it was. Did I imagine this? Can anyone help me out?

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