Personally revealing

I started a couple of posts for this, the last day of #blogjune 2013. I revealed some things that I wasn’t sure I was comfortable revealing. Then something else came to my attention. Somehow I have become pseudonymous on the web.


I used to have my real name on Twitter. Then the web interface changed and put the real name before the Twittername, I didn’t like that – who knew who was who anymore? – so I changed it. Then Posterous shut down and there went the blog with my realname in the URL. When I signed up for a new WordPress blog I used librarykris. It just seemed neater.  Now, there are no accounts that have my real name prominently displayed.

It feels weird.

The link between pseudonym and realname is not gone forever of course. Google librarykris and my realname will turn up. I think…well, I think it feels weird because librarykris is no longer a nickname, it’s THE name.  (It’s also THE name to a few people who I physically see in the world. Worlds collide BOOYAH.) Therefore in the interests of combining the online/offline versions of myself…

Kia ora. My name is Kris Wehipeihana. Pleased to meet you.


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