Redux #thethreeoclocksilentdiscoclub

I’m one month and 21 tracks into #thethreeoclocksilentdiscoclub (Quick recap on the title: 3pm + quiet in the library = chair-dancing time.) I’ll admit this is also a bit of a research experiment for me. If I regularly tweet a hashtag plus link at the same time every working day – what happens? Will people reply with their own track? Will they get annoyed? What kind of response will I get?

Apart from one sad comment that the time clashes with the school pick-up run 😦 the response has been pretty positive. People have talked about the stories that a particular track has prompted them to remember. I’ve found some songs that are new to me – which turn out to be other people’s favourites. I’ve been@’d and DM’d titles. I’m posting these – either with direct HT/via attribution or with a pseudonym.

I like that I can release a #thethreeoclocksilentdiscoclub into the wild and sometimes an echo will come back.

Here’s today’s track.

Ciara – I’m out ft. Nicki Minaj (clean version #SafeForWork)

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