I can (almost) sing (have) a rainbow

Rainbow booksI quite like books with coloured edges. It’s so unexpected. The library almost has enough for a rainbow (someone has the green one out.) I won’t say that I’m buying books specifically so I can get a rainbow…but if anyone spots an orange and a purple, let me know okay?

The content of the books is also something I quite like. Contemporary NZ and West Island art; an explanation of the creative process in choreography using specific dances; fancy lighting and stage design; West Island art. (The green one is about sculpture and installations.) It’s thrilling when the outside has obviously been thought about as much as the inside. It’s like someone is saying “You’re excited about this now? Just you wait sweetheart. You’re in for a treat.”



2 thoughts on “I can (almost) sing (have) a rainbow

  1. Kebabette says:

    I was looking at Shane Cotton’s new book yesterday, and it has coloured edges in a divine shade of blue. I’m a fan of gilt edges too, or that old-fashioned marbling. Lovely.

  2. librarykris says:

    Marvelous. I look forward to our copy arriving. (I’m not sure about marbling. I think it looks shifty.)

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