Is it fun?

I’ve been wondering about fun and professionalism at work over the last couple of weeks. It started at a #wellylibbfast (Wellington Librarian’s Breakfast) with ranginui, catatonichic, and booksadventures where we riffed on (off?) pop culture, books, comics, libraries, and movies. We talked about blanket forts, nerf guns, zombies, and cosplay.  Then greengecko29 blogged about her experience on a course and being labelled a ‘free child’. She says ‘I took from his [the facilitator] attitude that this state is not the one to be in if you want to be a leader or considered a rational adult member of staff. ‘ Add to that some discussions on Twitter and some self-reflection about why I am in the job that I am in, strategy meetings about future tactics in the organisation, the end of term (and the feeling that somehow I’d slept through the whole thing) and I’m asking myself the questions “What is fun in my day at work? What is fun for the students in this library?”

I don’t have many answers yet. These are the things that are fun for me:

  • The Afternoon Google
  • The label I stuck by the desk bell.(Although I may reword it because ‘bing’ is making me nervous.)
  • Thinking about replacing the bell with a nerf-gun.
  • Chatting to students about their work.
  • Ordering items and getting 1. it before someone asks me to buy it; 2. feedback that it  is exactly right for the thing that someone is exploring.
  • Talking movies with Design Guy.

Things that are fun for students:

  • The label by the desk bell. (For many of them it feels really subversive to ring it. JUST RING THE DAMN BELL I say to them.)
  • Finding the thing they want (not the process of looking, but the moment of discovery.)
  • The cushions.

I really hope there are more things than that.



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One thought on “Is it fun?

  1. katiedavis says:

    Fun is so important. If I have fun teaching, my students have fun learning, and they learn more. They also retain what they’ve learned when they’ve got a fun memory to go along with it.

    This semester, I got the best piece of student feedback I’ve ever had. A student emailed me and said “I never thought I’d say ‘I miss going to class’, but I miss going to class”. My experience with this class this semester was the most fun I’ve had with a class – and it was a four hour class on a Friday night. Not the easiest thing to make fun. What made it so fun was an awesome group of students.

    Hooray for awesome students, and hooray for fun.

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