Afternoon Google

It is our work custom of an afternoon to stop and take tea. Once the tea has been poured from the teapot, and gingernut biscuits have been secured, we get to talking. This often results in what I like to call The Afternoon Google. (My colleagues may not call it anything.) It occurs when one of us says “Hhm. I wonder…” I’ve looked up addresses, actors, movies, theatre reviews, locations, surnames, books, muscles, cars, directors, teachers, designers, all sorts of things. It’s partly because I’m at my desk so it’s really easy to put the teacup down and look something up. Mostly it’s because I can’t stand not to know a thing for sure if it’s a single answer. It seems silly to continue trying to remember a fact when the answer is only a keyboard away.

So far, my two favourite things searched are…

1. Houses in a small town in Nebraska (As a result of a ghost story). It turns out that yards in America are often not fenced so kids run riot across multiple properties at a time. #YouKidsGetOffMyLawn

2. The surname Ching – it’s Cornish!

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One thought on “Afternoon Google

  1. bookgrrl says:

    That has often happened when I’m watching TV at home. My husband will ask a question and I will grab my phone to find the answer. not knowing something kills me šŸ™‚

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