A selection

Here’s a selection of writings I like from books I’ve read. I used to use lines as blog titles, now I write them down in a little book.

Five, randomly selected.

He plays up to it. You know how it is having a reputation.

The heroes, Joe Abercrombie

We hustled back into the flat, a tumble of black coat, armoured soldier, armed fanatic, and sorcerer in ‘What Would Jesus Do?’ t-shirt. What would Jesus do, we wondered. He seemed to have an occasional temper.

The Midnight Mayor, Kate Griffin

“Sometimes it is exactly like war,” said Patel in a quiet voice. Singh had a sudden glimpse into the abyss.

Inspector Singh investigates a curious Indian cadaver, Shamini Flint

Holly had no ambitions to speak of, except to live nicely from day to day.

Happy all the time, Laurie Colwin

You’ll never have enough time to do all the things you really don’t want to do.

The big leap, Gay Hendricks

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