Two movies I have watched recently

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (movie poster) Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

I watched this ridiculous nonsense on (after?) the last day of ArmageddonExpo and enjoyed it very much. Maybe it was because comics were on my mind that this movie felt like the best adaptation of a graphic novel that I’ve seen. (Which is incorrect as it’s actually based on a novel.) The colours, composition (changing points of view), editing (switching from time zones and between locations), dialogue, and use of slow-mo were all very entertaining.  The fight scenes were excellent.  The script does not follow the book exactly and they mess around with vampire mythology. Oh, and the story of Abraham Lincoln. However, as Ebert says “we do not attend “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” in search of a history lesson“. Damn skippy.


Shopping  Shopping

Quite a different film. Very languid, the story unfolds before you with the inevitability of an unraveling scarf. It is triggery for domestic violence so keep that in mind if you’re going to see it. There are some harrowing moments, made even more so by the editing (which I really liked.) Some great performances by the actors give charm and personality to dangerous characters. Good stuff.


  • Beautiful Paekakariki.
  • Lovely cinematography – lots of close ups and shallow focus.  In one scene a character is speaking off camera, the character reacting is in the foreground out of focus, and the furniture in the background is in focus. Love it.
  • I got to hang out with the lovely Rochelle who moved down to Wellington just after I did. You won’t get to do this.  Sorry. #NotSorry

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