Raymond E. Feist Wellington visit details. Thursday 20 June 2013, Wellington Central Library, 6pm. Free!Raymond E Feist is going to be in Wellington (and Auckland and the West Island)!  He was one of the first genre authors I remember consciously choosing. Before that it was a matter of…well. How about that? I don’t really remember. Perhaps I got my books by browsing the Children’s or Teen’s areas at my library? I don’t remember those areas being sorted by genre. My parents would have bought some books for me. I would have read the books they read when they were younger. Plus there was the Scholastic Book Club. I wanted everything! (I cut my lip on one of those books.)

Perhaps being old enough to read from the Fiction section of the library was the first time I came across the idea of splitting stories into genres? SURELY I must have known that books were about different themes…surely? (I vividly remember reading a book that was written from such a different point of view – I think it was written in first person when everything else I’d encountered was in third person. I wish I’d taken a note of the name because I’d like to read it again. All I really remember of the story is that it included a boy at high school and there was a hill and maybe a forest on the hill – dirt and thicket – that he climbed through it. I think he was poor. Southern American maybe?)

Anyway, Feist was the first, then Brooks and the Eddings’. And Feist is going to be in Wellington! I’ve lost track as to where I’m up to in the series so I’ll just have to hope the library has them all so I can binge read them.

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One thought on “Magic

  1. bookgrrl says:

    How exciting! I loved Magician, and plundered my brother’s shelves for his books!

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