Day two

Some really good questions at the Armageddon panels today – well done everybody.

Yeardley Smith had many interesting things to say. I particularly liked the following (not verbatim)…

(On arguing against Lisa falling in love and having a sexual response to the love interest)

If there are 8 year olds out there like that – we are not going to represent them on this show.

(On doing drama at school and being good at it.)

When you are good at something, whether it be academically, sports, whatever, it sets you apart from your peers. It can be difficult. It can be difficult for adults too but we are not allowed to complain about it.

In other news, I missed the dwarfs panel. I feel I have failed at being a Wellingtonian. 😦

And in still other news, this lovely blog post from my friend @ranginui is a followup to this story. Marvelous.

I stayed up too late last night trying to get my technical issues out of the way so I could participate (or at least listen to) Poetry Night NZ. It didn’t really work although it seems to be working fine now (of course!) There’s a Storify of all the poems coming so I’ll link to that when it’s up. Here is my contribution – Dear Steve would you like to read a poem which is a Twitter conversation between @poetrynightnz @stevebraunias and @pacificraft about technical issues.

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