First day of ArmageddonExpo yesterday. I really only go for the panels – my interest is in the things that are not captured on screen or on the page. (This is not to say I’m not above the fangirl *squeeeee*. I just try to be controlled about it. ..)

A couple of not fully formed thoughts about culture.

1. (Prompted by Jason Momoa talking about culture – Island, Maori, Pasifika – and my chickening out from asking him how he takes his culture with him where he goes. Also – he mihinui ki a ia for being able to coherently and calmly explain why he wouldn’t be doing the haka on stage.)

We all grow up in a culture. It may not be the one you’re ostensibly from, in fact, it’s probably so prevelant that you don’t even notice that there’s a failure to call it anything. It just is. It’s ‘normal’. If something differs from that ‘normal’ then it’s ‘culture’. Because it’s ‘different’ and therefore it needs a name to distinguish it. Are, then, the visible portions of a ‘culture’ the bits that will make the difference? That will wriggle themselves into ‘normal’ and eventually become so much a part of it that they’re not even commented on anymore? For e.g. NZ National Anthem which is now a verse in Maori and a verse in English. (Wikipedia tells me this happened in 1999. I have not looked up newspapers of the time – I might do that for another post.)

2. If you wouldn’t ask a female actor then don’t ask a male one. Ten points, however, to the woman who asked Momoa about his physical regime. Excellent question.

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4 thoughts on “Culture

  1. Aquila says:

    Test. Probably not logged in to anything (posting from my android phone) but I did have to give an email address.

    Very cool stuff about Momoa.

    • librarykris says:

      I would have liked to get him to talk about his culture a bit more, but could not form the question neatly.

  2. plinythemidlkid says:

    Woman: So, waddya do for fitness?
    Hollywood Hunk, to agent: Wow, these NZ chicks love my body.
    Agent, to Hollywood Hunk: Nope, just these NZ chicks really just wanna know what you do for fitness!
    #sportmadkayways 😉

    • librarykris says:

      That one (and this one) at least! 🙂
      Other questions – ‘can you stand up? and turn? slowly?’ Which he interprets as stand up, drop mike, bend from waist, pick up mike. Twice. Then two other women ask him to take his shirt off.
      No. Just…no.

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