Long weekend hedonism

Today started with a quick trip out to the airport before the sun was up. I drove back around the bays watching as the light shifted from weak grey to pale blue. One of my ‘101 in 1001 days‘ tasks is to watch the sun come up. Last time I set myself this task I sat on a rock on the beach, sipping a coffee and watched the sun rise over the sea. There are hills all around the new city so sitting on the beach is not an option. Instead I’ve seen the hills shift to yellow as the sun hits them, the sky turn from black to silver grey, and the gym studio windows turn from mirrors into windows as the sky lightens outside.

A friend on FB linked to this story published in the NZHerald today “The man who made a difference“. He says things like “From the first day I saw them, I knew I didn’t care what their stories were, or that I was culturally very different to them. I just knew I had to show them love and consistency. I didn’t need to be all PC – I just had to be me, the nerdy white guy who couldn’t relate but would never give up on them.” I like this concept – the ability to sit comfortably within ones own skin and to be able to meet someone doing the same. That even if your situations are different, the idea that wanting to relate, wanting to be in relationship to each other, is enough to keep it alive. (Whatever the ‘it’ is.) I also like the concept that someone from outside the community showed respect for the community, and by doing so showed that it had worth, which in turn inspired others in the community to do the same. Sometimes we can’t see ourselves until we we are reflected.

Happy Queen’s Birthday weekend NZ! Have a happy and safe weekend.


4 thoughts on “Long weekend hedonism

  1. Cath Sheard says:

    I saw the sun come up this morning as we had a dawn service to open our latest Museum exhibition. I had forgotten how the temperature drops just before the sun comes up! I love that you noticed the change in the gym windows – how magic is that?

  2. ilnetwork says:

    And happy long weekend to our Kiwi friends! We get ours in Sydney next weekend, but yay for long weekends at any time or in any place 🙂

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