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Personally revealing

I started a couple of posts for this, the last day of #blogjune 2013. I revealed some things that I wasn’t sure I was comfortable revealing. Then something else came to my attention. Somehow I have become pseudonymous on the web.


I used to have my real name on Twitter. Then the web interface changed and put the real name before the Twittername, I didn’t like that – who knew who was who anymore? – so I changed it. Then Posterous shut down and there went the blog with my realname in the URL. When I signed up for a new WordPress blog I used librarykris. It just seemed neater.  Now, there are no accounts that have my real name prominently displayed.

It feels weird.

The link between pseudonym and realname is not gone forever of course. Google librarykris and my realname will turn up. I think…well, I think it feels weird because librarykris is no longer a nickname, it’s THE name.  (It’s also THE name to a few people who I physically see in the world. Worlds collide BOOYAH.) Therefore in the interests of combining the online/offline versions of myself…

Kia ora. My name is Kris Wehipeihana. Pleased to meet you.


I am going to see Tu. It’s closing night tonight. Here’s hoping it’s not as dramatic as opening night when an audience member was taken sick. (The cast, crew, and theatre staff handled the situation extremely well but still…)



Change your perspective

For the last couple weeks my Twitter profile pic has been me, under my desk, eating chocolate.

Under the desk

I did it as a laugh. Then I did it again the other day (this time with an allsorts bar) for another laugh.


There’s something about hiding under a desk that is quite ridiculous. Down there, with the footstool, the cables, and the emergency supplies, it’s possible to see things in a different way. I’m a fan of the ‘reframe’ where I take a situation which is bad and/or stressing me out and reframe it so it’s not stressing me out anymore. The situation hasn’t changed but the way I view it has. Usually this is coming up with a Plan B. “If it happens like this then I will do that.” “If I can’t get there, then I will go here.” In fact, I probably post about this every year because this is one of my special skills. If you need something reframed, I’m your reframer.

However, I also have a kryptonite and that’s reframing around money. Mainly the lack thereof and what that does to the neatness I like in my life. I’m working on it. It’s slow going. I’m pleased to have discovered that I am the type of person who will take a lower paying job because of ‘principles’. (Or whatever those things are that used to wake me up at 1.33am.) I’d just like to have the principles AND the money.


Today: A-

4pm. Today is going pretty well so far.

1. I got to use jazz hands at the gym this morning.

2. Breakfast with an enthusiastic colleague included a delicious muffin.

3. Library colleague and I sorted out some shelving/space/budget issues that have been vexing me for months.

4. Head of Directing came in for a long chat about next year’s film option. I got to play devil’s advocate AND talk about the internet AND Star Trek.  *angelic choir* Then he introduced me to Green porno.  😐

5. Three graduates of the smile-when-I-see-them type came in to say hello AND do some research for work they are doing with current students.

6. Tweetsdropped on AND had excellent conversations on Twitter.

In fact the only slightly weird note was the sandwich I ate for lunch. I should have known. Sandwiches and I don’t really get on.

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Redux #thethreeoclocksilentdiscoclub

I’m one month and 21 tracks into #thethreeoclocksilentdiscoclub (Quick recap on the title: 3pm + quiet in the library = chair-dancing time.) I’ll admit this is also a bit of a research experiment for me. If I regularly tweet a hashtag plus link at the same time every working day – what happens? Will people reply with their own track? Will they get annoyed? What kind of response will I get?

Apart from one sad comment that the time clashes with the school pick-up run 😦 the response has been pretty positive. People have talked about the stories that a particular track has prompted them to remember. I’ve found some songs that are new to me – which turn out to be other people’s favourites. I’ve been@’d and DM’d titles. I’m posting these – either with direct HT/via attribution or with a pseudonym.

I like that I can release a #thethreeoclocksilentdiscoclub into the wild and sometimes an echo will come back.

Here’s today’s track.

Ciara – I’m out ft. Nicki Minaj (clean version #SafeForWork)

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Notebook cover boy

This is my current #NotebookCoverBoy.

It started off as a joke at the height of the Hey Girl thing. Someone linked me to the library one, I printed out one that I liked and stuck it to the wall. Honestly, I forgot it was there until one day one of the tutors noticed it. ‘Oh’ he said over a laugh ‘I’ve worked with him. A fine young man.’ (He said something else like – ‘serious about his work, never wants to do the same thing twice’ – but I can’t remember the details.) Then a student noticed. ‘Oh’ he said over a laugh ‘Is he any good?’ I have never seen him in a movie so that conversation continued awkwardly. Then I stuck the picture on the cover of my notebook. It’s a great conversation starter. Admittedly it’s mostly of the ‘It’s a joke.’ ‘No I haven’t seen him in anything.’ ‘Lars and the real girl you say?’ variety, but it’s still a starter.

I’ve almost finished the notebook.

One of these will be the next #NotebookCoverBoy

(Actually, pretty sure it won’t be this last one because that would be weird. Winter is coming dude. Put a shirt on.)

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I can (almost) sing (have) a rainbow

Rainbow booksI quite like books with coloured edges. It’s so unexpected. The library almost has enough for a rainbow (someone has the green one out.) I won’t say that I’m buying books specifically so I can get a rainbow…but if anyone spots an orange and a purple, let me know okay?

The content of the books is also something I quite like. Contemporary NZ and West Island art; an explanation of the creative process in choreography using specific dances; fancy lighting and stage design; West Island art. (The green one is about sculpture and installations.) It’s thrilling when the outside has obviously been thought about as much as the inside. It’s like someone is saying “You’re excited about this now? Just you wait sweetheart. You’re in for a treat.”



What am I saying?

In Maori there is an imperative “Kia”. (Imperative may not be the right word grammatically.) It orders one around – “Kia pehea” “Like this” literally “Exactly like this.” When I say to someone “Kia pai to ra” I am telling them to make their day good. This implies that they have control over the situation and should do everything they can to make their day good. When I tell someone to “Have a good day” I am actually hoping that the situation is such that they will have a good day. The distinction between the two is fine and in fact may not exist for some people. It exists for me. I find it interesting.
If I say “Have fun” or “Drive safe” I am wishing for the situation to be fun, or that the other drivers and conditions on the road are safe. I do not assume that they can control the amount of fun that they have, I hope that they will have fun as an outcome of the situation.
I tell people to “Have fun” a lot. Often it’s in reference to something that both of us are pretty sure will be anything but fun. I don’t know why I do it. I think it is my way of saying “I am sympathetic to your situation but since I can’t do anything practical to help here are my good wishes”. Or something. It certainly makes more sense to say “Have fun” to someone who is going on holiday.

Matariki Development Festival

I went to the final set of play readings at the Matariki Development Festival today. The festival is a week long series of workshops for new works by Maori writers. This is where a script is read by a cast, they play with some of the scenes, and ask questions of the writer. The writer then has the opportunity to make some rewrites. The play readings vary from a static read (the cast sit in one place and read from the script) through to an on-book performance (with simple blocking, minimal props.) The two works showcased today were quite different. One was excerpts from a play at the very beginning of its life. The other was a more mature work which had many of us in audience crying with laughter, then in sorrow. I can’t wait to see it in production. Ka rawe!


Sydney Bridge Upside Down

Sydney Bridge Upside Down

This is tonight’s viewing.